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BWF sticks to the old scoring format of 3 x 21 points

May 19th, 2018

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The Badminton World Federation's (BWF) proposal to change five games to 11 points was shot down at the BWF's annual general meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on Saturday (May 19).

The game will continue to be played under the current 3-21 points scoring system.

The BWF website reported that 5x11 points did not get the required two-thirds majority with 129 votes in favour of changing to the new scoring system while 123 votes went against.

A total of 168 votes would have been necessary for the change.

It also reported that a related proposal to reduce on-court coaching and introduce time-outs was subsequently withdrawn given its integration with the scoring system innovation.

However, the BWF Council's proposal for a fixed height service achieved the two-thirds majority with 177 votes out of 222 with the Council given a mandate to further experiment with variations of the system up until Dec 10.

No changes will be made after this date.

"Our membership has spoken and we respect their decision to retain the 3x21 points system though clearly our proposal resonated with a significant section of our membership.

"I thank them for their diligence," said BWF president Poul-Erik Hoyer.

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