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Successful training camp held for developing countries during Badminton Asia Championships in Wuhan

Apr 29th, 2018

It was no holiday trip to Wuhan, China for them in this year's Wuhan Automobile City Badminton Asia Championships even if they did not go far in the annual meet from April 24-29.

We are talking about those who came from developing countries like Maldvies, Nepal, Macau China, Mongolia, Brunei, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. These are the players who are still learning and coming to grips with the finer points in the shuttle sport.

They have the talent but lack the much needed training camps, international exposure and experience playing against the big names in the world of badminton.  

And thanks to the wholehearted and determined efforts by Badminton Asia to take the game far and wide to all corners in the Asian continent a training camp was conducted by the Asian body for the developing countries under the watchful eyes of Badminton Asia's Development Executive Mr Muhammad Andy Ardiansyah.

The training camp was attended by 16 players from the above mentioned countries and it was highly "successful" for the budding talent as they gained a wealth of experience.

Two sessions per day - from 10am to 12pm (morning) and from 4pm to 6pm (afternoon) with flexible time went smooth for the players.

The Chinese Badminton Association and organisers of the Badminton Asia Championships provided two badminton courts for the Badminton Asia Development Training Camp. The training hall is conveniently situated adjacent to the main venue of the tournament at the Wuhan Sports Center.

The training sessions were focused on game tactics and to get the players play more friendly matches with different opponents.

 “This great opportunity to have them together in the camp and play with each other with different playing skills was a plus factor.

"Apart from that the players also learned some tactical skills by watching the top players in action in the Badminton  Asia Championships” said Andy, who also assisted some of the players during their matches in the championships. 

“Of course there is a big gap in the level of play when you compare players from developing countries and those from badminton powerhouse like China, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, India and Indonesia, Chinese Taipei and others.

"But I am really happy they tried their best to win every point with a 100 percent effort on their part,” added  Andy.

During the semifinals (on 28th April), the players were asked to watch the matches together and later to analyze the game.

Asia Olympic Programme (AOP) players who joined the training camp were: Soraya Aghaei Hajiagha (Iran), Ratnajit Tamang and Dipesh Dhami (Nepal), Niyazov Artur and Dmitry Panarin (kazakhstan), Bahaedeen Alshannik (Jordan), Batdavaa Munkhbat (Mongolia), Ao Fei Long and Pui Pang Fong (Macau China).

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