Asia Development Team

Asia Development Team

Preparing for glory

Asia Development Team (ADT) is BAC’s player development initiative. The ADT consists of the training opportunities and competition scholarship for players from developing countries organized by BAC in accordance to the BAC Strategic Plan 2013 – 2016.
Andy sharing his expertise with participants
The Asia Development Team (ADT) Scholarship is divided into 2 squads:

ADT 2016 Squad:

  • A squad formed for 2013 – 2016 Olympic Cycle
  • For players of a maximum 28 years old on Olympic Year.
  • Being prepared for major BWF and BAC events.
  • BAC offers 8 scholarships for the ADT 2016 squad

ADT 2020 Squad:

  • A squad formed for 2016 – 2020 Olympic Cycle
  • Being prepared for excellency in Youth Olympic Games, Badminton Asia Youth Under 19 Championships and BWF World Junior Championships.
  • BAC offers 8 scholarships for the ADT 2020 squad


The selection of players for the ADT Scholarship goes through a series of technical assessment processes. Among the areas of assessment are:

  1. Current World Ranking
  2. Consistency in participation of BWF Sanctioned Tournaments
  3. Results in BWF Sanctioned Tournaments
  4. Player Potential
  5. Player status with the BWF

A player can be selected into the ADT Squad through many channels. Among the channels for selection are:

  1. ADT Training Camps
  2. Identification in selected BAC / BWF Tournaments
  3. Nominated by respective Member Association

With a program designed to set the path for World Championships and the Olympics, the success of the Asia Development Team (ADT) is measured more holistically in term of its effect on overall badminton status in the country the player represents.

Download the ADT Nomination Form here.