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Meetings of Top Countries


It is another historical milestone for Badminton Asia, and the venue is again Bangkok, Thailand.

For the very first time, Badminton Asia has organized a workshop for top badminton countries in Asia. The workshop is gathering of coaches from Malaysia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand. It is the hope of Badminton Asia that this workshop will bring out the best practice and best ideas in developing the sport of Badminton unto higher level.


With the theme, “Strength through Unity”, Badminton Asia also hope that each country will benefit from each other.

“There is so much knowledge and experience amongst the participants, and only benefit can be gained through sharing of these intense knowledge”, said Kenny Goh, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Badminton Asia.

This workshop will be conducted from 9th till 11th October at Bangkok. If the workshop proves to be successful, Badminton Asia may look doing it yearly, involving even more top countries like China, Korea and Japan.



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