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Building Excellence in Referees

Referees in any Badminton event plays an important role to ensure all technical aspects and requirements are in place and runs smoothly in accordance to the laws badminton, while having a conducive environment for the player to perform their very best in each matches.

Thus, the knowledge and experiences of the referees are the main qualities they at any level must possess. With such high burden of expectation from the referees in today’s international events, Badminton Asia is constantly conducting courses to warrant that our referees are constantly trained and updated at regular intervals.



Currently, Badminton Asia is having its Regional Referees Training Course in Semarang, Indonesia, in conjunction with the USM Victor Indonesia International Challenge. 16 candidates from 8 countries around Asia are selected to participate in this course from 28th Oct to 2nd November.      

Experienced international referees and assessors, Chua Soo Hock, Henry Ee and Anthony Linggian are there to conduct the courses, to guide and assess the candidates while sharing their valuable experiences to inspire the budding referees to strive for the best and with the hopes to reach the highest level of the refereeing echelon.

Badminton Asia wishes them the all the best! 


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