They have grappled with patriarchy. They’ve fought prejudice. Being a female athlete in Nepal it’s not exactly easy. From being told that their choice of sport was too masculine for them to being perceived as just a pretty face, female athletes often face regressive mindsets.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day-2017, Badminton Asia – Nepal has recently conducted PARA BDMINTON WORKSHOP from March 7th until 15th. 

Kicking Off BWF Level 1 Coach Education Course for South Asia Region. Badminton Asia organizes a BWF Coach Education level 1 course in close cooperation with the Nepal Badminton Association. It takes place in Kathmandu, on 7th to 15th March, 2017. Total number of 38 participants took part. Seven South Asian Countries including 2 observers from Para- Badminton.

It’s a great pride for Women’s in Nepal to host Badminton Sports. This will boost the spirit of sportswomen not only in Nepal but also around the World. It has launched initiatives that enhance the role of sport in society to promote health and human development, provide humanitarian assistance and advance women’s participation in sport, Olympic Games and sports administration. It has added environmental sustainability as one of its primary concern, along with sport, education and culture.

The core values of excellence, friendship and respect underpin all of the actions that the Badminton – Workshop movement undertakes in achieving its mission and the principles are further distinguished by their scope and applicability. Collectively, these goals demonstrate the movement’s social responsibility and its deep commitment to promoting positive change through sport. 


Badminton Asia wish all the very best towards the contribution to continue to work on these principals so that our whole region is encouraged to inspire humanity through sports and organization of various games to overcome political, economic, gender, racial or religious differences and forge respectable friendship in spite of those differences.


“United & Connected”



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