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Badminton Federation of Tajikistan

Recently our Badminton Asia Development Manager Mr. Thana & Development Officer Mr. Sambenthan has visited Badminton Federation of Tajikistan on 24th March until 8th April 2017 which has taken place at Dushanbe,Tajikistan.

Mr. Thana & Sam met with distinguish people who involved in badminton sport in Tajikistan. Below are the names:

  • Alimov Abdurauf – President of Federation of Disable sportsman
  • Boev Saraf – President of Paralympic committee
  • Zikrikhudoef Asadullo – Head of Union of disable people
  • Prosthetict Orthotist in charge of SFD project – Tigran Betanyan (ICRC Special Fund for the disable)
  • Physiotherapist ICRC Special Fund for the disable – Navid Dadbin

On the next day Mr. Thana & Sam have met with another distinguish guest who is an Olympic Champion:

  • Dilshod Nazarolv-tru – Hammer Olympic Champion, Deputy Chairman of Committee of youths, sports & tourism

The total number of participation for teachers for Phase 1 is = 35 . Phase 2 programme still on-ongoing at the moment. Badminton Asia goals is to develop, promote badminton as a core sports in the region.

Badminton Federation of Tajikistan being supported by Badminton Asia on the activities & Programme not only on equipment’s but with coaching skills through shuttle time.

The session on Shuttle Time programme has widely played in the region. Badminton Asia believes can develop in Tajikistan in a larger scale & also received positive response with the great support from each participants. It was indeed a fruitful encounter in Tajikistan as Badminton Asia continues to develop badminton throughout the region.


“United & Connected”

Badminton Asia – Team.


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