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Technical Briefing for Our Asian Upcoming Players

Countries participate: Bahrain, Jordan, Maldives, Syria, Brunei

Trainer: Mr. Teo Kian Joo – from Malaysia

Venue: Badminton Asia Office

Topic: AOP Attending Class on Rules of Badminton

In order to enrich badminton across Asia, Badminton Asia has organized an event on the 6th of July 2017 for Badminton Asia’s Asian Olympic Players to attend a class on Rules of Badminton. The objective is for players to gain knowledge on the latest rules. It is vital for players to know the latest as at times, this knowledge may determine the outcome of the match. The event has taken place at Badminton Asia Headquarters Office in Kuala Lumpur.

There were 10 players, whom participation from various countries such as Bahrain, Jordan, Maldives, Syria and Brunei. The briefing focused mainly about Rules of Badminton Asia and it was conducted by our very own Mr. Teo from Malaysia.

The purpose is to develop and educate especially the young players the importance of Badminton Rules and how the players can apply the rules during their tournaments. This briefing will enable the acquisition of skills, knowledge and understanding through which players renew their abilities and also maximize their impact on badminton.

Badminton Asia indeed has developed, mentored and trained the Asian Upcoming Players in order to foster badminton across Asia to greater heights.



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