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Seven countries attend training camp during Badminton Asia Junior Championships

The coaches and players from seven countries attended a training camp in Bintaro, Jakarta on Friday during the on-going Badminton Asia Junior Badminton Championships.

The players came from badminton developing countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Cambodia, Iran and Iraq – all in the midst of upgrading the game in their respective countries with the help of Badminton Asia.

Badminton Asia's Mr. Sambenthan Perumal conducted the three-hour training camp which also had coaches from the said countries in attendance. Among them were Mali Darvi Morteza (Iran), Miher (Iraq), Proum Sarvith (Cambodia), Olex (Uzbekistan), Pervaiz Butt and Wajid Ali Chaudhry (both Pakistan) and Saikhantuul Banzragch (Mongolia).

"We had match practice between the countries that took part in the training camp. This was very encouraging. The matches were played along the same lines as the Asian Junior championships," said Sambenthan, who is also Badminton Asia's development officer.

"It only gave them more match practice but also a competitive match, Many were playing against each other for the first time. Interestingly, all gave their best in each match."

More such training camps will be held during Badminton Asia's tournaments, especially in junior meets.



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