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Live in Yangon – a historic first for Under-17 & Under-15 Championships


The ongoing Badminton Asia Under-17 & Under-15 Championships at the Thuwunna National Indoor Stadium in Yangon has added another chapter to Badminton Asia's history annals.

In a historic first this the first time that the Badminton Asia Under-17 & Under-15 championships is having live-scoring based on and approved by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) system.

It would not have happened at a better place than Yangon as Myanmar is hosting its first international badminton tournament in 18-years. Myanmar hosted its last international badminton tournament at this very stadium in 1999 and this time it was the  Badminton Asia U17 & U15 Junior Championships.

And the Badminton Association of India – in line with Badminton Asia's motto UNITED and CONNECTED – chipped in by providing the expertise and know-how on live scoring. 

The man who has made live scoring possible at the Thuwunna Stadium is Gaurav Khanna – a much sought after expert who comes with a decade-long experience in the field.

Gaurav and his team of locals led by Kyaw Zeyar Lynn and assisted by Aung Myo Thant and Sai Naw Seng Pha virtually worked round the clock to set up their base. The end product has been "thumbs up" from all parties.

The Myanmar Badminton Federation (MBF) is more than pleased to be part of the history created.
It is another step forward for the federation to take put Myanmar back on the badminton world map.



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