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Badminton Asia Elite Tour

This Exciting month of November, We are excited to invite you to join us as Badminton Asia embarked on another journey to bring forth the Genesis of Badminton Asia Elite Tour!

The Inaugural Elite Tour will be held in Qing Bai Jing District in Chengdu, in the people’s republic of China from the 10th to 12th of November 2017

With the attendance of the biggest Asian Badminton Stars such as Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia, Hendra Setiawan from Indonesia, Kenichi Tago from Japan and Yip Pui Yin from Hong Kong China! In which they will be randomly drawn and compete in a combination of Men's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Singles and Mixed Doubles you have never seen before!



In addition, Upcoming China Star Players have been given a chance against these Elites. Among these star players are Cai Yun, Wang Yi Han, Jiang Yanjiao and many other players.

With the collaboration with China Olympic Complex Group Company, Badminton Asia hopes to bring forth a new stage of Badminton Sport which brings new excitement, new experience and new for all Badminton fans around the World.

Secretary General of Badminton Asia Mr Kim Hong Ki, Greg mentioned the Tour will be made up of more legs in a year in different regions in China , and it does not stop there, plans on brining the Elite Tour to other Asian Countries in a few years’ time is under construction.

"It is great opportunity for Badminton Asia to be in partnership with China Olympic Complex Group where we share a common goal in our efforts and dedication to bring the sport of badminton to a different and more exciting level of the game to the audience.

"This event is special to Badminton Asia as it marks the beginning of an era, which we shifted beyond tradition and paradigm of the sport by moving towards creating more exciting platforms to showcase the world class players.

"To the players, I thank you for coming on board with us together in charting this new journey for a new horizon in badminton.

"This, we believe and are confident that we have a great and strong team to make this first event of the Elite Tour a huge successful event to show and kickoff the new flavors of badminton with a blast," said Mr Kim

What a great way to end the year!


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