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Badminton Asia’s upgrading & refresher courses in Gwangju. Korea

While the players are slogging it out on the courts for honours it is also "testing" time for referees and umpires in the USD120,000 Korea Masters in Gwangju.

They have their own agenda to further improve their badminton 'career' to keep ahead with the latest developments in the shuttle sport and prepare themselves updated.

In conjunction with the USD120,000 Korea Masters being held at the Yeomju Gymnasium in Gwangju, Badminton Asia has lined up two important events for their officials.


The Badminton Asia Referees' Workshop – from Nov 27-30 – has attracted 13 participants from across Asia, representing Bahrain, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, China and Vietnam attending.

The course conductors are the experienced Chua Soo Hock of Malaysia, Nahathai Sornprachum from Thailand and India's Girish Natu.

"This is an important workshop for Badminton Asia's referees.

The referees need to refresh with the new regulations from BWF (Badminton World Federation) which will be implemented year.

*Referees Workshop

"Our referees need to stay abreast as we propel badminton's development in the continent and also at national level," said Badminton Asia's Chief Operating Officer Mr Kenny Goh.

Kenny Goh added that the workshop also gives the referees to "exchange their experiences and duties" in their field during a tournament.

The Korea Masters is also a vital stop for Badminton Asia's umpires who want to upgrade themselves.

*Umpires Appraisal Course

The course for the appraisal of the umpires began on Nov 25 and will end on Dec 4.

Eleven Badminton Asia umpires are in the metropolitan city of Gwangju – representing South Korea, Malaysia, China, Japan, Nepal, Bahrain, Indonesia, India, Iran and Singapore.

*Umpires Appraisal Course

The appraisal course includes theory and practical conducted by Girish Natu and Ms Yau Lin Na of Malaysia.

Kenny Goh said the "highest ranked candidates" from Badminton Asia's pool of umpires will be picked for next year's upgrading for BWF Accreditation Umpires course.


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