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We are successful because of Member Associations, says President Anton


BANGKOK: Badminton Asia President, Anton Aditya Subowo, has credited the member associations for the continental body’s continued success. Badminton Asia is growing stronger with each year and this is clearly reflected in the rising number of events and activities, and also the continental body’s improved bank balance.

Speaking at the AGM today, Anton explained: “We had a dream and this dream is coming true for all of us. This is just the dawn of us reaching greater heights. Although we are in the right pathway and starting to reap our current success. He added that there was still a long way, paved with more struggles, which they must persevere as a team to attain greater success.

“Together, as a big Asian family, had worked hand-in-hand over the last two years and we now see the positive progress, implementation and achievement of all our programmes and events.”

There is no doubt that Badminton Asia is rapidly expanding its presence and influence. “We are now a highly respectable Confederation, an acknowledgement not only by our sponsors and stakeholders, but also from the international sporting fraternity and corporations.”

Anton went on to say in his speech that the confederation’s success was only possible through the support and enthusiasm of its members. He said their efforts would lead to more glory and bring more benefits to Asian badminton.

He earlier thanked the Badminton Association of Thailand and its president, Khunying Patama Leeswadtrakul, for hosting today’s AGM and the Thomas and Uber Cup Finals next week. “This AGM bring us together to share our knowledge and seek the best way for us to work for our future. We will be strong, only if we work closely together as one cohesive unit.”

Later, the various Badminton Asia committees – Development, Events, Finance, Marketing, Para Badminton, Publicity & Awards, Rules and Laws, Technical Officials, Women in Badminton – all presented their reports today which were well received by the members associations.

There were also several presentations from Badminton Asia’s Partners and Sponsors. The presentations were from Djarum Foundation (Training Centre Partner), MP & Silva (Media Rights Partner), Enlio (Exclusive Equipment Partner), Special Olympics Asia Pacific, Eplus Global and A1minton (Social Badminton Application).

Meanwhile, one of the items on the agenda was the election of a Vice-President. Following the gracious withdrawal of Iran today and Singapore (who wrote in earlier to withdraw), India’s Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma was named the Vice-President.

In other matters, Badminton Asia will sign a deal with the Special Olympics Asia Pacific. They also penned an agreement with a A1minton which will be developing a social app.

The next AGM will be staged in conjunction with the Sudirman Cup in Nanning, China next year.


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