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Badminton Asia Umpires Accreditation Course 2018 in Jakarta

Fourteen candidates from 14 countries are currently in Bintaro, Jakarta – taking their first step towards as Badminton Asia Accreditated Umpires.

It is also the first step to becoming International Technical Officials in the shuttle sports and their journey begins with the Pembangunan Jaya Raya Badminton Asia Junior Championships in Bintaro, Jakarta which gets underway on July 14.

The aspiring umpires with big dreams of making the world stage began their course on Wednesday (July 11) under the watchful eyes of Badminton Asia's two well known course conductors and assessors: –
Mr. Sudhakar Vemuri of India and Malaysia's Mdm Yau Lin Na.

The course, named Badminton Asia Umpires Accreditation Course 2018, which includes theory and practical, ends on July 23.

The candidates come from Hong Kong China, Korea, Chinese Taipei, Japan, China, Thailand, Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bahrain, Vietnam, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. 

They were selected after coming through Badminton Asia's Regional Courses.


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