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A ‘kayon’ gift – only for podium finishers in Badminton Asia Junior Championships

For those who finish on the podium in the Pembangunan Jaya Raya Badminton Asia Junior Championships in Bintaro, Jakarta will take home a special handcrafted piece of Indonesian art.

Made in Magelang in Central Java, it takes about a week to get the beautifully crafted "Gunungan" (Javanese mountain) also known as "kayon" or "kayonan" in Bali, completed.

It is a figure in the Indonesian theatrical performance of wayang, e.g. wayang kulit, wayang klitit or wayang golek.

A gunungan is a symmetrical-shaped figure of translucent parchment made of dried firm cow skin, whose outline is pointed in Java and more rounded in Bali.

The Javanese gunungan takes the form of a mountain which looks almost candy-like.
In a wayang the gunungan is the first to appear on the screen and the last to appear before the end. It can also serve as a prop.

A gunungan symbolizes the world mountain.
"This is a special gift to the winners from Indonesia. It is much sought after souvenir in Indonesia," said Rosiana Tandean from Pembangunan Jaya Raya – the title sponsors of the championships.



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