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Anton Aditya Subowo is re-elected President of Badminton Asia

NANNING, China (25th May 2019) – Mr Anton Aditya Subowo from Indonesia was re-elected the President of Badminton Asia for another four-year term at the confederation’s Annual General Meeting here today. 

Anton, elected President four years ago, was involved in a two-way tussle for the top post with Dato’ Sri Mohamad Norza Zakaria, the President of the Badminton Association of Malaysia.

After the AGM concluded, Anton stressed the importance of Asian nations remaining united and to always speak as one voice. “The highest value of badminton is in Asia, in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and others. So, having those countries to be outspoken in BWF, and for Asia to be united, to raise our voices, is very important.

“I think we have seen a situation when we stick together as one, we can still have a voice in the world organisation,” Anton said. Earlier in his speech, he thanked all the Member Associations for their commitment and good work over the last four years.

Meanwhile, the seven Vice-Presidents elected today were Wang Wei (China), Kim Jong Soo (Korea), Tirta Juwana Darmadji (Indonesia), Chang Kuo-Tso (Chinese Taipei), Ali Almarri (Kuwait), Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma (India) and Dr Sawsan Haji Mohammad Taqawi (Bahrain).

Badminton Asia ushered in a new Secretary-General in Moosa Nashid from Maldives. For the Treasurer’s post, Jassem Kanso from Lebanon was re-elected to the position for another term. 

Jassem also won the BWF Vice-President seat unopposed after Norza withdrew from contesting the post. For the record, a total of 40 countries voted today.



Anton Aditya Subowo – Indonesia



1 Wang Wei – China

2 Kim Jong Soo– Korea

3 Tirta Juwana Darmadji – Indonesia

4 Chang Kuo-Tso – Chinese Taipei

5 Ali Almarri – Kuwait

6 Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma – India

7 Dr Sawsan Haji Mohammad Taqawi – Bahrain



Moosa Nashid – Maldives



Jassem Kanso – Lebanon



Jassem Kanso – Lebanon



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