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Ensuring Fair play and Justice




Ensuring Fair play & Justice



COVID-19 has caused untold misery to millions of people across the world. Lives were lost, industries collapsed, economies of countries were uprooted. Nothing seems to have worked fine for anyone. Everyone is in a grip of fear and apprehension as to what it is going to happen the next day.


Sports has been no exception – Badminton included.


Badminton World Federation (BWF), the apex body of Badminton in the world has been making untiring efforts to build up the pace of the game steadily in the present times.


Badminton Asia (BA) is not much behind in laying down the ground rules in carrying on the mantel in the right perspective, with the ground reality that it could be anytime that the games may start off. BA has been gearing up to be prepared.


Badminton Asia Technical Officials Committee (BATOC), that nurtures Referees, Umpires and Line Judges, etc., to be ‘on guard’ and be ‘ever ready’ to meet the challenges as and when the situation eases. In a bid to be fair to the players – ‘on the court in a match situation’ – have to be abreast with the updated Rules, Laws and Regulations.


The game is for the players, it is said. Notwithstanding who loses and who wins, the Technical Officials (TOs) have to be geared up to conduct tournaments/matches in the most justifiable and fair manner. As such, BATOC has been indulging in organizing/conducting the training programmes for Referees and Umpires.


The BATOC as such is headed by Mr.  Chen Chih-Shen (TPE) as the Chairperson and Mr. Sudhakar Vemuri (IND) as the Deputy Chairperson.


There never has been any sitting back for this Committee. From 9th July to 5th August 2020, BATOC has conducted National Umpires Training Course 2020, where 75 National Umpires from 30 countries have participated and were trained.


Now… yet another big leap in this training system.


The entire TO base in Asia (52 Referees and 207 Umpires) would be undergoing a ‘Refresher Training Course 2020’


For Umpires

  • 18 to 23 November
  • 24 to 28 November
  • 1 to 5 December


For Referees

  • 7 to 12 December


These TOs comprise Referees and Umpires at all levels and cadres in Badminton Asia.


This is going to be a big achievement for Badminton Asia. It denotes that, no matter what challenges are being faced, we are all equipped to make the best out of every situation – only to ensure that fair play and justice are guaranteed for players in a match situation.


Thanks to Badminton Asia and Badminton World Federation for the constant help, support and guidance.


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