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Hosting of International Junior Tournaments in Asia


With regards to Hosting of Junior International Tournaments, we would like to provide some information to assist/ guide to your intention in hosting as follows;


Under-19 Junior International (Bwf World Junior Rankings)

1. BWF allows each member association to host two (2) Under-19 Junior International tournaments in a calendar year, which are entitled to BWF World Junior Rankings

2. The classification of each of the Junior Under-19 Junior International tournaments (Grand Prix, International Challenge, International Series etc…) will be subjected to BWF quota and decision


Under-17/ 15/ 13 Junior Tournaments (Asia Junior Rankings)

1. This would be under the purview of Badminton Asia

2. The age-groups can be organised together a combination of either two (2) or all (and also along with the Under-19 Junior International) in the same tournament. Just that those under the category of U19 will fall under BWF world junior rankings systems and those that fall under U17, U15, U13 will fall under Asia Junior Ranking systems


1. For Under-19, sanctions of an Event must be done online no later than nine (9) months from the intended date of commencement

2. For Under-17/15/13, sanction of the events must be in writing to Miss Belle (belleng@badmintonasia.org), with the title of the events, age-categories and dates, and MUST be no later than nine (9) months from the intended date of commencement

3. Any amendment/ changes to a sanctioned tournament must be done no later than 120 days before the tournament dates

4.  Any request for changes/ amendment is subjected to the approval by BWF (For Under-19) or by Badminton Asia (For Under-17/15/13) 

5. No player or pair can play in the same events category in different age-group (For example; a player playing in MS Under-19, cannot play in MS Under-17/15/13)


Should there any further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact me or Miss Belle (belleng@badmintonasia.org)


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