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Grade 3 and Junior Level Event Sanction Deadline Reminder (April 2022 & Beyond)



In regards to tournaments to be held from April 2022 & Beyond, Badminton Asia would like to remind Member Associations to sanction tournaments as soon as possible to obtain a favourable slot. Please sanction tournaments 9 Months prior to the tournament hosting date following the deadline chart provided below. 


Please also know that the Cancelation deadline ( without penalty for ALL events are 120 Days ( 4 Months) before event date. 


We will follow this deadline strictly and will not entertain any late submission. 
You may refer to Badminton Asia Events Calendar to make adjustments for favourable dates for your tournaments: https://badmintonasia.org/tournaments/badminton-asia-event-calendars  

Online Sanction: http://bwf.tournamentsoftware.com/organization/tournament_applications.aspx?id=209B123F-AA87-41A2-BC3E-CB57133E64CC

Please note that Junior Under 17, Under 15, and Under 13 Sanction is done in writing ( email) to Badminton Asia 9 months prior to event date. Badminton Asia will then approve and sanction the event. Interested party may write to belleng@badmintonasia.org for more enquiries. 

For members without a bwf account, kindly email Mr. Shanmugam from BWF at s.ramachandran@bwfbadminton.org 

For further reading, you may refer to BWF regulation link as below:

BWF Tournament Sanction Policy 

(Updated) BWF Junior Events Level Allocation



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