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Can Japan Get Their Revenge?


This year’s Uber Cup final is like the replay of the 2014 Uber Cup. China will face Japan in Aarhus, Denmark, on the evening of October 16th local time.


Seven years ago when the Uber Cup was held in New Delhi, India, China won 3-1. But three years ago in Bangkok, Thailand, Japan was able to become the champion. However, in the final, Japan did not meet China but with the host Thailand where they won 3-0.


Now is the opportunity for Japan to avenge or otherwise China will repeat history. If China wins, it will make them the defending champion and at the same time increase their number of victories in the women's team event to 15.


The final round will immediately heat up even after the first match when the first two singles players of China and Japan take to the field. Chen Yufei, ranked second, will be challenged by Akane Yamaguchi, ranked fifth. Despite being ranked higher, Yufei’s meeting record with Akane Yamaguchi is not very pretty. Yufei has won 8 times and lost 11 times.


While in the doubles, Yuki Fukushima/Mayu Matsumoto and Misaki Matsutomo/Nami Matsuyama appeared compact and hard to beat. Even they are not permanent pairs, they have managed to become a contributor of two points when they beat Korea in the semifinals 3-1


On the opposing side, China has Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yi Fan, who are ranked second and also Tokyo 2020 Olympics finalists. They are not a doubles pair that Japan can easily beat. It could even be the other way around, that the Japanese pair could fall in the first doubles game. While in the second doubles game, it could be the other way around. China's impromptu pair, Huang Dong Ping/Li Wen Mei, most likely will have a hard time facing Misaki Matsutomo/Nami Matsuyama, who defeated Korea as if they have been a long-time partner.


In the second and third singles, it will be no less fierce. In the second singles, He Bing Jiao from China who has a better ranking at 9th, will be challenged by Sayaka Takahashi, 15th. The two have met twice and have defeated each other.


   In the third singles, Asuka Takahashi does not have a very good ranking of 97th compared to his potential opponent, Han Yue, at 27th. However, Asuka Takahashi has a better record. In their first meeting at the 2018 Canada Open, Takahashi won. But three years without competing against each other means things can turn out differently. We certainly hope that the final battle will be fierce and entertaining.



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