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The Best of Asia: Baek Ha Na

Baek Ha-Na, a professional badminton player born on September 22, 2000, in the city of Gimcheon of South Korea. She attended Cheongsong Girls’ High School for her secondary school and in the year 2009, she had picked up badminton after her brother had persuaded her to do so. As a couple of years went by, she was able to successfully jolt her career upwards when she was picked for the national team of South Korea. They hadn’t picked her for no reason, as her talents were able to be seen when she and Lee Yu-rim won gold in the girls’ doubles event at the Asian Junior Championships and the World Junior Championships within the same year. 


The pair had their first big accomplishment in a senior tournament when they reached the finals of the 2017 Macau Open, but were unfortunately defeated by the Chinese pair Huang Yaqiong and Yu Xiaohan. In spite of her defeat, it hadn’t stopped her from unleashing her talents when she dominated her next few opponents. By the year 2018, Baek Ha-Na won gold, silver, and bronze medals all within the same year. She won her gold medal when she defeated the Malaysian duo Chow Mei Kuan and Vivian Hoo alongside Lee Yu Rim at the Vietnam International challenge. Her silver medal was obtained when she and Lee Yu Rim defeated Misato Aratama and Akane Watanabe in the Semi-Finals, however, Baek Ha-Na was crushed in the finals by Ayako Sakuramoto and Yukiko Takahata. 


She has continued to be active in her career as she embellishes her portfolio by winning multiple medals in the forthcoming years. In the year of 2019, Baek Ha-Na had one of her most successful years of her career. She was able to dominate in most of the championships she attended which resulted in her winning four gold medals in different championships all within the same year. On 17 March 2019, she finished first place and won a gold medal by defeating Liu Xuan Xuan and Xia Yu Ting alongside Kim Hyerin. Her career’s updraft didn’t end there as she had placed herself to be #14 on the women’s doubles BWF World Ranking by the year of 2020.



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