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Best of Asia: Yuki Fukushima

Yuki Fukushima is a Japanese badminton player, she was born on 6 May 1993 in Kumamoto, Japan. Back in 2017, Yuki Fukushima was paired with Sayaka Hirota and they won the Best
Player award. In 2018, Sayaka Hirota and Yuki Fukushima lead to be the world number one at BWF World Rankings. Currently, Yuki Fukushima/Sayaka Hirota is ranked #4 in the world.

In 2016, Fukushima/Hirota won three international titles from the New Zealand Open, Vietnam International Challenge, and Chinese Taipei Masters. In the next year, the Japanese pair won the title at the German Open, Malaysia Open and won the second place at the BWF World Championships 2017. The year of 2018 was really Fukushima/Hirota’s year. The pair continued to rise as they won even more titles including at the Badminton Asia Championships 2018, Indonesia Open 2018, Japan Open 2018, China Open 2019, Malaysia Masters 2019, and the All England Open 2020.

Her latest achievement is winning the 3rd place at the Badminton Asia Championships 2022. Fukushima/Hirota made it to the semifinals but got defeated by their compatriot Rin Iwanaga/Kie Nakanishi. 

We are looking forward to seeing more of Yuki Fukushima’s amazing perfomances.


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