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Best of Asia: Chou Tien Chen

Chou Tien Chen is a badminton player from Chinese Taipei. He was born on January 8, 1990. He started his professional career as a badminton athlete in 2008 and is currently one of the seniors in the men's singles numbers. Interestingly, not many know that behind his successful career, there is a coach from Indonesia who helps his progress in the badminton world. The coach was named Victo Wibowo. Wibowo plays a major role in helping to advance Chou Tien Chen’s career in badminton. In the early days of his career, he participated in the prestigious ASEAN Junior Championships. Chou Tien Chen managed to win a bronze medal. Then, Chou Tien Chen's career began to take off. He has won a number of prestigious tournaments throughout his career. One of them was back in 2012. He managed to become a champion at the Canadian Open at that time.

Chou currently ranked 4th in the world, beat world number 38 Kodai Naraoka of Japan 14-21, 21-10, 21-6 in a fierce 61-minute match at the finals of the Yonex Taipei Open 2022. This is Chou's fourth Taipei Open title after winning in 2016, 2017, and 2019 – it’s also Chou's best achievement this year since winning second at the Indonesia Masters last June. His victory at the Taipei Open 2016 was historical as he was the first local player to win the title in 17 years since Fung Permadi, an Indonesian-born Chinese Taipei player, won the title in 1999.

Moreover, Chou Tien Chen has gone viral after making a scene at the 2022 Indonesia Masters which was held at Istora Senayan. Chou received tremendous support from badminton lovers in Indonesia. Every time he attacked, the audience at the court would always shout "EA EA EA" and call his name. Chou was also happy to receive support from the audience in Indonesia.

Back in 2021, Chou Tien Chen opened his voice about his chances of achieving achievements at the 2021 BWF Badminton World Championships. The realistic target that Chou Tien Chen wants to achieve is to at least step into the quarter-final phase at this year's badminton world championship. As he stated, "I want to go beyond the quarter-finals," He continued by saying, "It was God's plan, I will continue to maintain my fitness training,"



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