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Badminton Asia Executive Committee Meeting 2022

On September 10, 2022, at 4 p.m., the Badminton Asia Executive Committee (ExCo) meeting was successfully held. As more than half the members were present, the required quorum was met and the meeting was able to progress. The ExCo meeting primarily discussed the outcome of the Continental Confederation Meeting/Workshop that was previously held on September 2–6, 2022.

In the ExCO meeting, each Committee Board Member gave those in attendance an updated report on their achievements during 2021, and also their goals for the coming year 2022.     

The Development Committee discussed the BWF MA Grants increment plan for the 2023-2026 cycle. Included in the CC Grant topic are discussions on CC HR Grant, Base Grant, Program Funding, and Player Development. Meanwhile, the Marketing Committee decided to move forward with restructuring to increase the value of badminton across Asia. 

Moreover, the Event Committee decided that in the year 2023, there will be a Mixed-Team category tournament during Week 7 and an Individual category tournament during Week 17. Furthermore, from the year 2024 onwards, there will be a Team category tournament during Week 7 and an Individual category tournament during Week 15. The 2025 and 2026 calendars will be reviewed with the plan that 2027 and onward will offer larger opportunities for significant structural change. There has been a request for BWF to once again consider hosting the Individual Championships in October. 

Below is the list of committee members in Badminton Asia:

  • Secretariat Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Para-Badminton Committee
  • Publicity and Awards Committee
  • Rules and Laws Committee
  • Technical Officials Committee
  • Women in Badminton Committee

Badminton Asia has committed to accomplishing greater heights moving forward into 2023.






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