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Dec 17th, 2020





Zhou Xin Ru is an 18-year old Chinese player, who is currently ranked #1 in BWF’s junior ranking for women’s doubles. She is also ranked #292 for women’s doubles and #523 for mixed doubles in the world rankings. So far in her career, she has a total of 46 wins.


Despite being very young, she has had quite an impressive career so far. She’s had several partners that have helped her with her many wins, including Dai En Yi, Luo Xu Min, Lin Fang Ling and more!


In 2018 she participated in many tournaments. At the Malaysia International Junior Open, with her mixed doubles partner Dai En Yi, they managed to make it to the Round of 16. At the Lingshui China Masters, she again made it to R16 with Dai En Yi and also for women’s doubles with her parter Luo Xu Min. In 2018 she was only just getting started, but in 2019 she found immense success. In the beginning of the year, she won silver at the Polish Junior with her partner Qian Gou Hong for women’s doubles. At the Swedish Junior that same month, the pair went on to win Gold against their Chinese counterparts Keng Shu Liang and Li Yi Jing.


Her success didn’t stop early on, as she went on to win silver at another major title, the Dutch Junior International. This time, she was partnered with Luo Xu Min for the women’s doubles. These two went up against Indonesian pair Nita Marwah and Putri Syaikah but lost 19-21, 18-21. Despite the lost, it was still a major accomplishment for the pair. But it was not long until she found success again with another partner, Lin Fang Ling. This time, the Chinese duo won Gold at the Pembangunan Jaya Junior Grand Prix, where she finally beat Nita Marwah and Putri Syaikah!


Towards the end of the year, she saw victory again with partner Lin Fang Ling. They won gold at the World Junior Championships and beat out Indonesian duo Febriana Kusuma and Amalia Pratiwi 22-20, 11-21, 21-14. It was a very busy yet successful year for the young doubles player.


She’s only started her career, so we’re so excited to see what’s more to come. We will be supporting her every step of the way!

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