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The Challenge Trophies : Happening Hyderabad Badminton Asia Team Championships 2016

Feb 11th, 2016

The Inaugural Badminton Asia Team Championships ( Men’s and Women’s Team ) will be having the first challenge trophy that was never before in any of the confederation’s events. This Championships will have two trophies, one for the Men’s Team and one for the Women’s Teams.

The Men’s Trophy has the height of 60 cm with the diameter of approximately 30 cm, while the women’s trophy having the height of 50 cm and around 20 cm in diameter. Both trophies are plated in real gold and it weighs 17 kg and 15 kg for both men’s and women’s respectively.

Both trophies was unveiled during the draw’s ceremony 2nd February and will be another prestige grab factor for the participating teams in this championships; besides a place in the Thomas and Uber Cup Finals and for the Olympic qualifying points.


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