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First Challenge Trophy for Juniors



For the first time in history, Badminton Asia will award a challenge trophy to the winner of the Mixed Team Event in the Badminton Asia Junior Championships 2016.

Badminton Asia is constantly eyeing not only on improving the organisational and presentational aspects for all its events, but also towards giving the recognition to the players and teams who had shown true competitiveness and sportsmanship to be a champion.

Secretary General, Mr. Hong-Gi Greg, Kim, expressed that, "We at Badminton Asia do not side line the younger athletes and is always focus-driven on junior players. By having this challenge trophy, we hope that the junior players will give their very best in this Championships, and also to provide them with greater motivation and determination to achieve higher at the senior level in the nearest future." Mr. Kim added that, "There is no better place to kick-start their journey to glory than this Badminton Asia Junior Championships"



Many Asia, World and Olympics Champions, such as Lin Dan, Lee Yong Dae, Chen Long, Li Xuerui, Markis Kido and Koo Kien Keat, just to name a few, had casted as winners in this Badminton Asia Junior Championships, before leading up to international stardom. This Junior Championships is where legends are born.   

Badminton Asia wishes all the Teams the best of luck and may the best Team wins!


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