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Becoming A Technical Official


Technical Officials plays an important role that ensuring all events are conducted in a fair and safe manner, giving participants the best competition experience as such the knowledge and experiences of the technical officials are the main qualities that they at any level must possess. Badminton Asia has a systematic grading system which include courses and practical event officiating to ensure Technical Officials are constantly upgrading at a regular interval.



With this, Badminton Asia is conducting Umpires Certification Course in the current ongoing Blibli.com Badminton Asia U17 & U15 Junior Championships 2016 in Kudus, Indonesia. A total of 14 candidates from around Asia namely, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Chinese Taipei, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Hong Kong China, Macau China, and Japan qualified for this upgrading courses.


Such courses, which include theory and practical assessments, will ensure that Badminton Asia will have continuous streamline of technical officials. Which would able to conduct each and every match in a just and fair manner, ensuring the players are able to perform at their best. 




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