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Badminton Asia Regional Development Meeting 2017

Recently, Badminton Asia organised a meeting amongst developing nations to discuss on how to make badminton more vibrant and also on to make badminton grow at the their respective countries. This meeting was held at The Boulevard St Giles Premier Hotel, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur together with 20 Badminton Leaders of Asia for three consecutive days, from the 1st till the 3rd of February 2017.

This was indeed a historic moment for Badminton Asia as for the first time, so many developing nations attended this meeting to talk solely on badminton. The meeting was very active with almost the delegates expressed their views. The three days had been a very qualitative and productive meeting with the Heads of the other Developing Countries. The main objectives are to focus on enhancing, review and conclude on the perspective of the overall badminton of the Asian Countries. There will also be more competitions for these regions. The three-day event was chaired by Mr Moosa Nashid of Maldives, who is also the Development Chairman of Badminton Asia.

Many topics were also discussed on how the Development team of Badminton Asia can provide support to Members Association. Some of discussions focused on:

WJC & YOG 2018 – Badminton Asia Adopt a Special Programme called ARRIBA ASIA. 

This meeting was also attended by Sec General Mr Greg Kim, Treasurer Mr Jassem Kansou , Events Chairman Mr Rudy Huang, Finance Chair – Mr Ng Yoke Weng and Mr Kenny Goh COO of Badminton Asia. 


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