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Kojima Hiroyuki- san – Japanese Referee and Umpire Passes Away



Mr. Hiroyuki Kojima, Badminton Asia certificated referee and former umpire, has died at the age of 61.



He enjoyed great success within the technical official's fraternity and liked by his peers. His passion and dedication to serve in Badminton is demonstrated through his preseverence to continue as a referee after retiring from umpiring in 2011. Just a within a short frame of time, he became Badminton Asia certificated referee in 2012.


( pic, Furthest left)

Being either in the role of umpire or referee, Mr. Kojima is loved by players and members alike. Strict and fair on court but a true gentleman and highly approachable as an individual. His strong credibility and personality as a technical official had led him in officiating many tournaments within Asia.



Badminton Asia extends our most sincere condolences to his family and Nippon Badminton Association. It is a great lost and sad day for Badminton Asia and the world of Badminton. 

Rest in Peace Kojima Hiroyuki-san, you shall be missed.




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