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Better recognition for sportswomen in Myanmar

Sportswomen in Myanmar are headed for better times – thanks to the newly formed Myanmar Women's Sports Federation (MWSF) 2017.

The Federation has not only "vowed" to give due recognition women sportswomen for their achievements but also aim to take them to higher level internationally.

Mrs Khin Lay (B.Com, MBA), the MWSF president has taken it upon herself and her 32-strong federation – 15 of whom are entrepreneurs – to propel women to the forefront in this region.
And MWSF has identified two sports where Myanmar women can rule the world – in major meets like world championships and Olympics – badminton and weightlifting.

"It will take some time but we are heading in the right direction. Give us sometime and I can assure that Myanmar women is ready to make a name internationally.

"Due to our small physique we are rather 'handicapped' when compared to those in the west. Women in Europe, Russia, America and Africa are far bigger in physique," Khin Lay told Badminton Asia in an exclusive interview.

Khin Lay and her vice-president Dr Mya Lay Sein, a well known sports personality in Myanmar and a delegation from the MWSF were at the Thuwunna National Indoor Stadium in Yangon for the on-going Badminton Asia Under-17 & Under-15 Junior Championships. 

This is the first time Myanmar is hosting an international badminton tournament in 18 years.
Khin Lay and Dr Mya also had more good news for sportswomen.

"This will make the men jealous of us but our federation will been rewarding medal winners at the recent 29th Sea Games and the (9th) Para Games in Kuala Lumpur. There will be cash rewards for the gold, silver and bronze medal winners in both games."

The ceremony will be at the Thuwunna Indoor Stadium on Oct 22.

"You can be rest assured that sportswomen in Myanmar will undergo a major change from now on. They will not be neglected and we are taking it upon ourselves to reward and give them the due recognition," added Khin Lay, who is the managing director of Gold Power Company Ltd, which manufactures baby food.

It does not stop at that. MWSF is also embarking to promote sports at grassroots level and also in schools, colleges and universities.

"There is plenty of sports talent in Myanmar. We need to go down to ensure that these talent is not wasted. These days parents want their children to pay more attention to studies.

"They can excel in both with proper guidance and help where it is needed," said Khin Lay.


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