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International Badminton Events and Urban Socio-Cultural Development Forum

Badminton Asia paid a glowing tribute to Wuhan – the Chinese City of Automobile – for playing its part in taking the Badminton Asia Championships to greater levels not only in the continent but the world.

Wuhan, which has been the home for the Asian meet since 2015 and will be home till 2020 celebrates its fourth edition from April 24-29 in the historical City of Wuhan.



In conjunction with this year's championships an International Badminton Events and Urban Socio-cultural Development Forum is being held at the Hilton Riverside, Wuhan – the official hotel for the championships this year – from April 24-25. 

"The success of bringing international championships such as Badminton Asia Championships has received the highest grading among Continental Championships among all continents," said Badminton Asia's Chair of Events Mr Bambang Roedyanto, who officially declared the Forum at Hilton Riverside in Wuhan on Tuesday.

"Badminton Asia would like to give our greatest word of appreciation for all the hardwork and support for making the Asian Championships a huge success. It is the biggest gathering of the top badminton players in this region.

"The Asian Championships has seen improvement every year since 2015 and it is not stopping at that. The fact the championships has been accorded as the highest graded Continental Championships amongst all continents is testimony of the success."



Others at the Forum were:
Mr . Wang Wei, Secretary General Chinese Badminton Association ;
Mr. Feng Pingshan, Deputy secretary-general Chinese Badminton Association ; 
Mr. Shui Bin, The Deputy director-general of Hubei Province Sports Authority;
Mr. Tan Zhihui, The Deputy director of Wuhan Sports Bureau; 
Mr. Feng Aiming, Director of Standing Committee Member Wuhan Economic Technological Zone Hannan District government;
Mr. Chen Jianguo, Director Hubei Sports Industry Centre; 
Mr. Wang Qihua, Chairman Wuhan Sports Centre


Mr. Roedyanto added that bringing the Badminton Asia Championships to Wuhan gives more opportunities to local and international fans to experience and enjoy the sport apart from promoting local delicacies and culture. It also gives the city to promote the sport to the locals.

The English saying "killing two birds with one stone", added Mr. Roedyanto, fits the Asian Championships the  dual role it plays…like developing the shuttle sport and helping the locals and players to garner "irreplaceable experience and knowledge" for further improvements.

"This ultimately raises the level of badminton within the country apart from attracting more tourists for better economic growth.
"Badminton Asia for one are really glad to see the love and support everyone is showing and delighted to see the growth of the sports within the city of Wuhan and all over over the world.

"This is the purpose and sole reason for the existence of Badminton Asia, " said Roedyanto, adding that the game gives badminton fans a chance to engage, knowledge building and gain new irreplaceable experiences.



Badminton Asia's journey with the Chinese Badminton Association and the Wuhan Sports Center began with the successful hosting of the Badminton Association Championships that year.

"Thanks to their great hospitality and splendid organisational abilities and bringing professional teams has made and put the Asian meet on the same level as many world class tournaments.

"This is further enhanced with the many compliments we have received. We hope that this Badminton Asia Championships will bring stronger bonds among Asian families and we are looking forward working hand in hand with Wuhan until the Olympic year 2020 (Tokyo) and possibly further in the future."

Packed with activities, the forum also indulged with history and knowledge with regards to the sport where professional researchers, marketing directors and even professors are invited to give talks regarding the development, plus the planning and growth of badminton the in the urban areas.

The Forum was attended by representatives from Seven Provinces ( Nanjing, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Nanning, Qing dao, Changzhou) 



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