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Badminton Asia Forges Partnership with A1minton

In the recent Badminton Asia's Annual Meeting held in Bangkok, the Confederation had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with A1minton to promote Badminton on mobile devices.

A1minton is a leader in Badminton Platform service provider in attracting, promoting and connecting badminton players and enthusiases through a user friendly application, which they had invented. The digital application by A1minton will allow users to source and upload badminton related information (e.g. facilties, equipment review, discussion, badminton partnership finder etc..) and connecting various people with similar interest using one single platform.

With Smartphone distribution and users are increasing exponentially around the world and with people spending more time on their mobile devices on a daily basis, Badminton Asia sees this is an opportunity of all our members to utilise the service from A1minton as this would able to attract all levels of social badminton players within a community, country, territory and even globally.

As such, the application not only breaks further the communication barriers within the badminton community but also to connect them in a more effective and efficient manner.

Badminton Asia encourages all our 43 member associations to utilise the service to promote, unite and communicate the sport in their country, region or territory.

Anton Subowo represented Badminton Asia in the signing ceremony while Kim Tae Heon as CEO/ Founder on behalf of A1minton. The ceremony was witnessed by Badminton Asia members.

Details of the Application can be viewed at www.a1minton.com


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