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One up for badminton in Korea

* Credit image: Tribunnews.com

The power of the shuttle sport triumphed the Korean way after former world champions Ko-Sung-hyung-Shin-Shin baek-cheol walked away with the Vietnam Open men's doubles title on Sunday.

Their 22-20, 21-18 win over Lee Sheng-mu-Yang Po-hsuan in Ho Chi Minh City added a new chapter to their badminton career personally and the sport as a whole.

The title means a lot to the pair who took the Korean Badminton Association to court last year over a ruling by the national body to bar former internationals from competing as professionals until they reach age 31 for men and 29 for women.

The court ruled in their favour in May this year. For the record Sung-hyun is aged 31 while Baek-cheol is aged 28.

Winning the Vietnam Open is certainly the beginning of a new chapter for the pair and badminton.

The Korean Badminton Association has since lifted the weird ban and more Korean shuttlers, who are plying their badminton trade as professionals, are expected to compete in international tournaments.

Among those affected by the ban were Olympic, Asian Games medal winners and world champions.

Another Korean pair expected to return to competitive badminton in international tournaments are Lee Yong-dae and Kim Gi-jung.

They are set to play in the Spain Masters in Barcelona later this month.


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