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Highlights on Afghanistan Badminton Federation

Recently, we have heard about Afghanistan attacks that has captured the Capital City alongside with other provinces, which killed many people and brought a great terror to the country.

With all the negativity, notwithstanding Afghanistan Badminton Federation implements on the plans, somewhat to develop badminton and this will further bring a positive response mainly to the University and Schools where they will kick start in 10 days’ time after the winter break. This will enable them to start on the programme and set a benchmark for themselves into sports(Badminton).

The initial idea for the implementation was to start the activities in 5 schools and also three main large provinces by providing badminton coach and accommodate other required facilities needed.   

Level 1 – Coaching Course

Previously there was no engagement on hiring a badminton coach, but today we have 5 dedicated coaches who are assigned for the upcoming Level 1-Coaching course in Nepal. We are also collaborating with Badminton Asia to provide the support needed.

Support by Badminton Asia

Despite the chaos happening daily, Afghanistan Badminton Federation takes great pleasure to thank Badminton Asia of their good deeds, support and their continuous contribution towards developing badminton in Afghanistan. Badminton Asia has contributed so much so on the tools, as well with the facilities equipment’s that will accommodate sufficient supports to Afghanistan Badminton Federation, this is to help the community to enhance into developing badminton across Afghanistan.


“United & Connected”

Badminton Asia – Team.


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