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Badminton Asia’s ‘Shuttle Time’ breaks new ground in Laos

Laos has not produced any badminton player of recognition in this region because the shuttle sport is hardly known in the landlocked nation in Indochina.

The martial art of Muay Lao, a form of kickboxing similar to Thailand's Muay Thai, is the national sport. However, like in most countries in the world, football has grown to be the most popular sport in Laos.

Badminton Asia is not disheartened with the current state of affairs of badminton in the Asean nation. The Asian badminton body is determined to make the sport grow and develop through its popular "Shuttle Time" program.

With the cooperation of Laos Badminton Federation, Badminton Asia 's Development Officer Mr. Sambenthan Sivaperumal conducted a five-day "Shuttle Time" program from May 26-29 in Xiengkhouang Province in north Laos – which is 30 minutes by flight from Vientiane.

Sambenthan, was accompanied by Laos Badminton Federation general-secretary Samsoveng Sengsylavong. They were welcomed by Provincial Committee Director General Khamsy Chanthavongsy and Xiengkhouang Province vice-governor  Synouanethong.

The "Shuttle Time" program attracted 12 teachers and 30 students. It was the first time the participants were exposed to badminton although the sport is played by a small group of government officials and big corporate and business people in the province.

The response to the "Shuttle Time" program was overwhelming and many were thrilled to pick up the basics of badminton.

The zest and enthusiasm shown by the participants was enormous and second to none as this is the first time they were exposed to such a program in the province.

The theory was conducted in Vietnamese and Lao languages and held at the province's Community Hall while the practical part was held at the Department of Agriculture and Forestry Hall.

The 5 days and 4 nights "Shuttle Program" is the beginning of a new journey for the participants as Badminton Asia took another step towards promoting and developing the game in Asia.  


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