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ENLIO – a Growing Brand Market In Asian Badminton

China-based Nina Zhang has become a familiar face during a badminton tournament in Asia, especially when it is sanctioned by Badminton Asia.

The International Trade Manager of Shijiazhuang Enlio Sports Goods, Ltd – Badminton Asia's main sponsor of core equipment for badminton – is one of the busiest person during a tournament.

To ensure the smooth running of the tournament, the mother of one, arrives at the venue five days before the tournament gets underway and stays back for an extra two days after it ends.
Enlio signed a three-year deal with Badminton Asia in November last year. The deal runs through 2019 and Enlio made its "debut" in the inaugural Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championships held in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam in February.

It received the "thumbs up" from the Asian body and it has been "smooth sailing" thus far. This year's Badminton Asia Championships in Wuhan, China was another big test for Enlio.
Apart from badminton, other sports on Enlio's list of sponsors are table tennis, basketball, tennis, volleyball, gymnastics.

For the shuttle sport Enlio supplies core equipment like shuttlecocks, court mats, net posts, umpire's chair, cones, and player's equipment box plus other paraphernalia. This is where Nina's attention comes into demand.

And the Badminton World Federation (BWF) has given Enlio the highest level of approval for its court mats – a big boost for Enlio in terms of quality.  

"I am the first to arrive with my team at the venue of a tournament, five days before it gets underway to ensure that everything is installed and in order. And we stay behind another two days to dismantle it and ship it back to China," says the bubbly Nina.

Being away for long periods for a tournament keeps her away from her family but she has an understanding husband, who is a lawyer, and her understanding mother-in-law who takes care of her daughter.

"Enlio is new but our emphasis is to turn it into quality brand with top class service."

Established in 2007 Enlio is already expanding internationally and have opened up offices in India and Indonesia with eyes on several other badminton playing nations.

Currently India is the biggest badminton market for Enlio followed by Malaysia.
Kazakhstan is the latest country to buy badminton equipment from Enlio. 

Askar Ormanov – the head coach of Kazakhstan Badminton – said: "It is not only the quality and service from Enlio that counts but also the pricing."

Myanmar Badminton Federation's Robin Tin also gave Enlio equipment in the on-going Pembangunan Jaya Raya Badminton Asia Junior Championships in Bintaro, Jakarta the "thumbs up".

The Philippines head coach Paulus Firman is another who is satisfied with the equipment used in the Asian Junior meet.


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