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Badminton Asia Empowering Women Thru badminton

Badminton Asia recently held a two-day programme under its Shuttle Programme on women's participation in the shuttle sport.

The two-day affair on July16-17 was held at a leading hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and drew an overwhelming response with 14 countries represented.

Badminton Asia was represented by:
1) Ms Mastura Arezoo ( Chairperson of Women in Badminton);
2) Mr Kenny Goh (Chief Executive Officer, Badminton Asia);
3) Mr Thana Arikrishnan (Development Manager, Badminton Asia); and
4. Ms Kalpana Gopalakrishnan (Administrative & Development Executive, Badminton 

The two days programme was focused on motivating the participants to actively develop the sport in their respective country using Badminton Asia's Shuttle Time programme. 

Ms Mastura Arezoo said the programme "will be an annual event from now with more targeted activities and support provided for the participants" in the future. 

The highlight of the programme in Kuala Lumpur was the attendance of "experts" whose input was rather "invaluable" to the participants.

Prof Dato Dr Shamala Subramaniam, Director University Putra Malaysia Sports Academy. Dr Shamala is also a senior deputy president of Malaysian Hockey Confederation  (MHC); Director of National Olympic Academy and Olympic Council of Malaysia; deputy president of Selangor Hockey Association who spoke on "Women Empowerment Through Sports".

Datuk Marina China – former Principal of Bukit Jalil Sports School – once dubbed the "Track Queen" of Malaysian athletics and winner of seven gold medals in the Sea Games and two-time Sportswoman of Malaysia in 1976 and 1977. The former "pin-up" girl of Malaysian athletics spoke on "Leadership"  Marina was Malaysia's Chef de mission to the 2017 SEA Games held in Malaysia.

Shuttle Time trainer MS Sheryl Craig who is a Physical Education Teacher; Sports coach; Fitness Specialist and Youth Sports Advocate. Sheryl was the founder and head coach of Heads Up Sports International.She was a programme Director (Consultant) at the Academy of Fitness & Sports Myanmar and has more 12 years of experience in teaching and coaching.

The programme coordinator was Kalpana, who is currently an Administrative and Development Executive at Badminton Asia. She did her internship with Badminton World Federation (BWF) before joining Badminton Asia.


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