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Momota Can See Without Any Problems


Japan’s World No. 1, Kento Momota, whose future was once in doubt after a tragic accident in Malaysia earlier this year, is able to see clearly and can now give his 100 percent in training.

"I can see without any problem while I'm playing," the delighted Momota was quoted as saying in several news reports today. "I've been able to give 100 percent in practice."

"I want to do my best every day,” said the 25-year-old Momota of his dream to wrest the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics next year.

Momota is one of Japan’s prime candidates to deliver gold at the Tokyo Olympics. But his plans hit a major roadblock when he was involved in an accident that left him severely bruised and an eye socket fracture.

The early morning accident, in which the van driver was killed, forced Momota to undergo surgery. With this latest announcement, Japan will heave a sigh of relief and once again look at Momota to strike gold next year.

On his road to recovery, Momota reportedly said: "I only had six months after the surgery. I had no time to relax. I was trying to give my all every day (in training)," he said.

He admitted that the pandemic had affected his training but he’s now back on track and keeping his focus well on the Olympics.


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