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The Best of Asia’s Junior – Prince Dahal of Nepal


The Best of Asia’s Junior – Prince Dahal of Nepal



Prince Dahal is one of Nepal’s best junior players as he continues to soar through the rankings.


In March of this year, he ranks seventh on the BWF junior rankings, under the male U-19 category, a personal best for the Nepali player. Dahal has impressively risen up the ranks as he gives great performances in various tournaments. Just last September, Dahal had won the title of the Dubai International Junior Series held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Born in Khalanga in Darchula, the junior champion has started playing since he was very young. So far in his badminton career, he has won multiple national-level tournaments in the various age groups. In the coming years, he will sure collect more to make his mark in Nepal badminton history.


His family has become one of his greatest influences as Dahal’s passion of the sport came from his father. Dahal stated that his father taught him what he needed to know about the sport, “My father is an avid sports lover who could play any game possible in the local surroundings” he says as quoted on The Kathmandu Post. His father had played badminton a lot in his younger days in their hometown of Khalanga.


However, it wasn’t until 2013 when his badminton career took an incredible step forward when his family brought him to Kathmandu. Here, he was admitted to the Nepal Police School in Bhaktapur. Dahal shares that the school had a “better badminton facility and proper coaches where I could hone my skills,” he said. He excelled quickly and just a year into the school, he participated in several age-level tournaments where he won in U-14 and U-16 competitions. He’s played against players his age and those senior to him, all of which has helped improve his game and mature him into a better player than before.


In 2018, he spent one year at the Banthongyord Badminton School in Thailand to further improve his badminton skills. Despite this decision resulting in him missing a grade in school, he says that he does not regret it because of all the things he’s learnt.


Moving forward, Dahal has big dreams for himself. One day, he hopes to become the best Nepal Badminton player, and to represent Nepal in the Olympics. With the skill and determination that he has, it’s safe to say that those dreams are not far within his reach.


Prince Dahal is an incredible young talent with a bright future ahead. We cannot wait to see him at his best.




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