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Chinese Taipei’s Biggest Success

Chinese Taipei dominated the Badminton Asia U17 & U15 Junior Championships 2022. In the event that was held simultaneously in Nonthaburi, Thailand, from 29 November to 4 December 2022, the country brought home five titles: two from the U15 group and three from the U17 group.

This result is quite surprising looking at how Chinese Taipei’s achievements surpassed badminton giants such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Neither Malaysia nor Indonesia managed to get a single title despite having players who occupied the first seed in several categories. 

In the U-15 and U-17 men's singles, the top seeds are all occupied by representatives of Malaysia, Muhammad Aqeef Razin (U15) and Muhammad Faiq (U17). Indonesia, on the other hand, had three representatives going into the final but didn’t win. They are Muhammad Rizki/Raihan Daffa in the U15 men's doubles, Titis Maulida Rahma/Bernadine Anindiya (U17 women's doubles), and the U17 mixed doubles Darren Aurelius/Titis Maulida Rahma.

Chinese Taipei had five representatives going to the finals and all of them won. In the U15 group, there were Yih Chung-hsiang (men’s singles) and the mixed doubles pair Huang Tzu-yuan/Kung Chia-yi. Then, in the U17 group, there were Su-Wei-cheng (men’s singles), Lai Po-yu/Lin Min-shun (men's doubles), and Bao Xin Da Gua Lai Wai/Hsieh-Mi-yen (mixed doubles).

The results in Thailand are also historical for Chinese Taipei because in the previous Badminton Asia U17 & U15 Junior Championships, they could only win one title and that only happened in 2018 in the U15 group and in 2015 and 2017 in the U17 group.

It is undeniable that Chinese Taipei has been one of the toughest countries in badminton. One proof is a gold Olympic medal from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics that was won by men’s doubles Lee Yang/Wang Chi-lin. In fact, at that time, Chinese Taipei almost brought two gold medals if Tai Tzu Ying did not lose in the women's singles. However, these names had never tasted the sweetness of being Asian champions in the U15 and U17 groups.

In the Badminton Asia U17 & U15 Junior Championships 2022, apart from Chinese Taipei, there were names from Thailand and Korea who successfully placed their representatives as champions. Thailand, which is also the host, won the U15 women's singles through Anyapat Phichitpreechasak and the U15 women's doubles through Yataweemin Ketklieng/Passa-Orn Phannachet. In the U17 group, the Thai badminton player won the women's singles by Sarunrak Vitidsarn. Meanwhile, Korea won the U15 men's doubles with the pair Jeong Da-hwan/Na Seon-jae and Kim Min Ji/Kim Min Sun in the U17 women's doubles.



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